Hello World

Hello World,

It’s been 21 months since we launched Anchorpak. Today we introduce you to a new website & a new product & a cool science experiment involving our paks and the forces of gravity. 

The design achievement of this year is the Dash pak. We listened to what you told us about the problems you have carrying stuff with your existing bags and Colin worked all winter with a pattern maker to solve those problems. You said you want immediate access to your cell phone. You said you want a bag that closes on top, that fits lots of different body sizes, that’s rugged in the bad weather and carries your laptop safely. You said you were tired of your current messenger bag or handbag hurting your shoulder or making your back ache.

The Dash bag solves these problems. On the product page you can see the many innovations in design incorporated in this pak. We are proud of the Dash’s design improvements & its thoughtful & personalized answer to your carrying needs.

 Last summer we watched as you put your bag inside our paks and exclaimed “this is so much more comfortable” than my bag. After a full year of this feedback and our proclaiming that our paks are comfortable and healthy for your body we realized that this claim was a measurable one, that the pressure of the weight on the shoulder and the hips and the back could be measured. One icy February day, we drove white-knuckled to Bangor where we met with engineers at the Biometrics Lab at the University of Maine. They liked the idea and ran some preliminary studies comparing our bag to a messenger bag and got favorable results. Then we found the biometrics lab at UNE and met Katy Rudolph who has a PhD in biomechanics and a cool lab capable of digitally representing the forces on the body. Together we wrote a grant to research the ergonomic benefits of the Anchorpak over other bags and this month her lab will begin the study! We will keep you posted here about the testing and show you some of the cool images we expect will be generated.

We’d love to hear from you…please write us back…everything you have to say is of interest to us.

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