Limited Edition with Allagash Brewing Co.

This winter, with the spirit of resourcefulness . . .

Allagash Brewing Co. called Anchorpak to ask if we could somehow use their emptied out grain bags to make new Anchorpak bags.  Normally Allagash recycles their leftover grain bags, but, they thought, why not use a bag that once delivered barley & hops to the brewery to provide a tool for carrying home Allagash 4-packs from their brewery shop? It sounded like a pretty good environmental ethic too. Beer does go swell with any season but Maine's winters especially so. We love all things made in Maine and appreciate the hard work and sky-high creative energy that goes into our businesses. Allagash Brewing Co. is a true case in point.  
            Repurposing raw materials is a fun challenge in line with the creative efforts and low impact practices we need to sustain the ecosystems that provide us with important things such as the clean water to make beer from! 
We visited to check out and pick up some of the salvaged fabric for test sewing in our studio.  It turned out they had wisely chosen to save the bags which are made from perfectly good, tough, clean, woven Polyethylene. Which sounds really bad, but is, in fact, quite environmentally stable and safe to the degree that it’s used widely in tooth-paste!  
            Molecules and useful properties approved we forged ahead to design a Special Edition of Allagash / Anchorpak bags with each bag in a unique variation of colors, styles and graphics. 
            Since the fabric from their sweet horde of salvaged grain bags was perfect for reinforcing fabrics we typically use, thick natural canvas and parachute (rip-stop) nylons their smartly saved material extends the life cycle of each bag. Using the thickest grain bag material on the bottoms reinforces each pack's base like the soul of a shoe. We used the bold printed graphics identifying each grain company to do a reinforced pocket with extra cargo room for any other items you pick up along the way next time you're visiting the Allagash brewery for a taste o'Maine. 
            It's been nice to work cooperatively with our friends down the road a piece here in Portland. Thank you Allagash for kindling this collaboration in clever Maine frugalit
These Special Edition Allagash Anchorpaks are now available at the Allagash brewery shop.

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