Who Sews Our Bags?

Real people sew our bags ‑ get seams straight, decipher our geometrically complex patterns, stay up late finishing an order, pay attention to thread tension, seam allowances and fabric placement. Sewn into every bag is a little bit of the experience and story, the skill and talent of each one of our sewers. Their signatures are literally sewn into the bag.

Without these skills and the commitment of our team of sewers to bringing you a beautifully hand sewn piece, Anchorpak bags wouldn’t be the exceptional, personal, handcrafted articles they are.

We’d like you to meet our team of sewers so you can know the story of your bag: who made it, how they learned their skill, what it means to them to sew beautiful things. On this blog we will introduce you one by one to our sewers.

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