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Core Design

Designed to balance anywhere on your body,

the remarkably comfortable Anchorpak bag

will transform the way you carry, for good !  


 Simple enough to work logically on a bicycle, while traveling, out shopping, at school, or for any time you need to carry what you can't take in your hands, comfortably. 

 "The Anchorpak is ergonomically well designed. Distributing weight downward across and around the center of the body, the Anchorpak decreases stress and pressure on the neck, back and shoulders and avoids the need to counteract bad posture often associated with some other types of bags. The Anchorpak’s design allows repositioning which can help avoid fatigue."

Meg Pickering, Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, Scarborough, Maine

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Ergonomically informed design for maximum comfort and balance. 

One bag solves all the carrying problems of a messenger bag, backpack or tote: The Anchorpak. 

Who is Anchorpak for?

Anyone looking for easier carrying & a pack with the reliability of an anchor.